Fine Antiques Fine Antiques Cain pitcher Available for sale on web store page Rare Cain Pottery Pitcher with manganese splotches and glaze. Picked out of home in Blountville, Tennessee. Example of Great Road Pottery 188304483 Handle of Cain pitcher Available for purchase on our web store page. 188304474 front side of Cain pitcher 188304475 Yellow pine hunt board - small Available for purchase on web store Wonderful size with traces of old red wash all over it. Picked out of house in Social Circle, Georgia. Lady said "museum wanted to buy." Ready for your home/collection!! Gorgeous! Minor restoration. Contact us for delivery/shipping options. 188304478 Yellow pine hunt board - Available for purchase on web store page! Buy it now! Gorgeous! 188304479 Dove tailing on drawer 188304477 Back of hunt board 188304473 Writing on edge of drawer guide. 188304480 Door of hunt board 188304481 Side of hunt board 188304482