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  Pickers Auction Company 

  Bringing items from the past to the present with honesty and integrity

Who We Are

Pickers Auction Company is a full-service, cutting edge auction company bringing estates, collections and downsizes right to our followers on our Facebook page - Pickers Auction.  After over a dozen years of doing gallery auctions, we took our auctions to Facebook - LIVE - in November of 2017.  We are the first in the country to bring live, bid-call auctions onto the Facebook platform, giving our customers the live bid experience from the comfort of their homes or virtually anywhere!   

The combination of an experienced 30+ year picker and licensed auctioneer, an experienced team,  and the easy to use Facebook platform makes joining our auctions fun and exciting and ensures a successful auction for the seller!!  We also have an amazing in-house shipping department so you do not have any arrangements to make for your items to reach you.  We take care of it all! 

We not only offer auctions on Facebook done from our warehouse,  located in Weber City, Virginia but we can also now do live auctions and tag sales on Facebook directly from your estate, home, storefront, etc.  If you have an estate or collection or down-size, give us a call at 423-292-1426.