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  Pickers Auction Company 

  Bringing items from the past to the present with honesty and integrity

Welcome to Pickers Auction’s website!  Don't hesitate to let us know if we can help you with your estate, collection or high-end antiques.  Just go to the "contact us" page and fill the form out. You must be registered to bid in our Facebook live auctions so go the "Registration" tab and fill out the form. NOTE:  YOU ARE NOT REGISTERED UNTIL WE HAVE CALLED AND GOTTEN DEBIT/CREDIT CARD INFO! 

Our Facebook auctions put your estate/collection/down-size items in front of thousands, all over our great country!  12,000+ followers and 2000+ registered bidders and growing every day, plus over 30 years of professional experience = a great outcome for seller and buyer! With one of the lowest buyer’s premiums on the internet at 13.8%, you’ll want to get registered!  All of our auctions are live, right on our Facebook page - Pickers Auction. 

Great piece of Great Road Pottery "picked" by Larry Summer of 2013 and sold at Pickers Auction Company for a record price! As far as pottery goes, would be a hard one to beat!  (Give him time!)
Well, he just did it!  September 12, 2016 he connected the dots and found the oldest documented piece of Green County, TN (Great Road) pottery by Frederick Shaffer and brought the piece, at record price, back to the state of Tennessee!!!  More info on this to come!

Check out the video below of a past auction to see how we can bring your items online for LIVE bidding!